FAQ about the Red East Archives

So what exactly is all this?

This is an online archive dedicated to providing quick links to numerous articles and other online resources that promote real understanding of the People's Republic of China and Socialism With Chinese Characteristics.

Why are you doing this?

The People's Republic of China is a socialist state, and has been so since its founding in 1949. Unfortunately, virtually all major Western media outlets - along with most leftist circles - will have you believe otherwise, that China is in fact an evil, corrupt, imperialist state. This website is made to provide quick links to those disproving such lies.

Is there any kind of quality control going on here?

Of course there is. I'm mostly sticking to picking out actual articles or at least "essays" that have plenty of sources to back them up. Don't worry, this isn't just filled with a bunch of misleading infographs.

Who are you?

The name is Comrade Insectoid! I am a Marxist-Leninist and supporter of SWCC. I am not Chinese; I am simply a blue collar worker from Canada, doing this all out of a simple thirst for the truth.

You can contact me on Reddit at u/ComradeInsectoid or comradeinsectoid@protonmail.com.

Why does "SWCC" mean?

Socialism With Chinese Characteristics. It is the official state policy of the People's Republic of China, made to reflect the current material conditions and contradictions in the country that traditional, oldschool Marxism-Leninism could not resolve.

Why does the website still look so bad??

I'll get used to web designing as I go on ;_;